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Healers and Achievers Physicians Who Excelled in Other Fields and the Times in Which They Lived

It is not widely known that throughout history physicians have contributed more than just medical care to civilization.

Healers and Achievers: Physicians Who Excelled in Other Fields and the Times in Which They Lived is a series of thirty-seven biographies of doctors  from ancient Egypt to the twenty-first century who distinguished themselves with lasting non-medical accomplishments. These men and women include the architect of the first Egyptian pyramid, a pope, the “Fathers” of astronomy, geology, magnetism, taxonomy, and bibliography, American Founding Fathers, French Revolutionaries, a buccaneer, world-class athletes, a spy, and an astronaut.

The life stories are told in the context of the eras in which these notable physicians lived, and their fields of medical and non-medical expertise are explained in terms comprehensible to both laymen and physicians.